Stunning “Skeleton Flower” Becomes Transparent When It Rains

Nature is truly an amazing thing. After just a short time here on this planet, one could almost come to the conclusion that there are far more mysteries and delights in the natural world than could ever be experienced in numerous lifetimes, let alone one.

Take “The Skeleton Flower”, for example. A white woodland blossom whose delicate petals become transparent when touched by water. A wide-petaled beauty akin to slightly colder climes and wooded mountainsides, Diphelleia grayi — its scientific nameis a rarity found only in certain parts of Japan, China and the Appalachian Mountains in the United States.

Until reading this, did you know such an interesting anomaly existed? You are not alone. Take a few brief moments and enjoy the ethereal beauty of this flower so few of us will be lucky enough to witness in the flesh.