Stress Coping: How To Turn Your 9-to-5 Day Into A Less Stressful Day

Stress Coping: While not an official 'term' in the english lexicon, it should be. Here are 5 vital tips on how to make your 9-to-5 routine less stressful.

Life can be incredibly stressful. It can be particularly stressful for people who work demanding 9 to 5 jobs on a daily basis. If you have a problem with work related stress management, you’re definitely not alone in this world. There are many other individuals out there who share your frustration. The possible causes of stress in the workplace are abundant. Potential stress factors can include unreasonable bosses, long hours, salary issues and so much more.


If you want to do whatever you can to reduce stress on the job, however, there are indeed quite a few options available to you. Dealing with a tiresome 9 to 5 job doesn’t have to be an impossible goal for anyone.

Make a Friend

Friendships can make life sweeter. If you want to decrease workplace stress, it can help considerably to strike up a friendship a fellow employee or two. Support from another person can be excellent for stress. It can also help to talk to someone who is going through a situation that isn’t entirely unlike yours.

If you work in the same office, there’s a good chance that your coworker understands how you feel. If she doesn’t understand your individual situation perfectly, she may at least be able to grasp a large part of it. Knowing that someone else understands how you feel can help enormously.

Friendships can also be excellent for people who want to laugh and blow off steam. A hilarious conversation with a coworker a few desks away can help you forget all of the little workplace matters that may be troubling you.

Avoid the Rumour Mill

Workplace relationships can be complex. If you want to decrease your work stress level, you should do whatever you can to avoid the rumor mill. Rumour involvement can only make your daily work experience tougher and more complex. If you want to enjoy a stress-free work environment, you should make a point to not participate in any gossip.

You should also make a conscious effort to stop eavesdropping whenever it comes into earshot. Be impartial at all times. Frivolous workplace rumors are never, ever worth your time and energy. They don’t deserve to take up any valuable real estate in your mind, either. Who needs unnecessary stress?

Refrain From Thinking About Work After Hours

Do your best to refrain from thinking about any work matters after hours. This can be tricky, but it can make a world of difference. People who want to maintain balanced lifestyles should always avoid thoughts of work when they’re not on the clock. Constantly thinking about work can be unhealthy, and lead to all kinds of other problems. It can interfere with your happiness in a big way.

If you’re planning a relaxing dinner at home with your significant other and family, you should restrict your thoughts to that and that alone. Don’t let work stress get in the way of your enjoyment of life. That’s certainly no way to live.

The Question: Can You Claim for Stress at Work?

Work-related stresses are unavoidable. There are impacts on your health and wellbeing. That’s simply reality. Dealing with significant problems at work isn’t always easy.

If you want to learn about the ins and outs of employment stress claims, it can help to recruit the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Personal injury lawyers know a lot about stress claims. If you believe that you deserve compensation for unnecessary stress on the job, you should research all of your available options carefully.

Your mental health is more than worth the effort and time, because it effects everything and everyone in your life. When you are happy, strong and well, it comes out in your actions, rippling out into the world around you. Therefore, nothing matters more than your personal well-being.

Take Breaks on a Regular Basis

Routine breaks are 100 percent essential for people who want to manage workplace stress better. If you don’t give your mind and body the opportunity to unwind, you shouldn’t be surprised by rising stress levels. You should aim to take breaks from work every couple hours or so. Take a quick walk outside. Get some fresh and clean air. Stretch your legs and arms for a bit, too. You may just be shocked by how much better you feel.

You could also consider grabbing a quick, nutritious snack in your workplace cafeteria. Your objective should be to recharge your brain. A mind that’s constantly overwhelmed and working can’t be productive. If you go for frequent breaks, you may notice your long-term happiness levels steadily rising over time. You may even start to enjoy your 9 to 5 job. (Don’t rule out that possibility!)

In the end, however, you should aim to make the most out of your career. If, after these tips, you find you are still (reasonably) unsatisfied, it may be time to begin planning a transition. Settling for a lifetime of workplace unhappiness can often be a disaster for people — a nightmare they only realize after it’s too late. You should do whatever you can to improve your situation.

Author bio: Riya is a writer with years of experience in business administration. She enjoys meeting new people and reading more books to get inspired for her own book.

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