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We are going to the moon—that is not very far. Man has so much farther to go within himself.
 Anaïs Nin
WordPress Developer
Emperor Ashoka: The Buddhist Ruler Who Banned Slavery and Animal Cruelty, and Implemented Gender Equality
On Being: A Timeless Excerpt From The Tao Te Ching
The Inventor & The Sage: The Friendship of Swami Vivekananda and Nikola Tesla
Redefining the Divine: Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy
7 Ways Forgiving Yourself Will Immensely Improve Your Life
What Is Non-Attachment? It’s Living Life Without The Need For Specific Results.
Why Only Happy People Can Create a Beautiful World
The Tao of Leadership
5 Ways to Help Your Kids Love Books More than Screens
Philosophy Can Make The Previously Unthinkable Thinkable
How To Use Chi Energy: What It Is and Where It Comes From
Why It’s OK to Not Be OK
Black Sheep and Bad Emotions: Why Both Are Necessary for A Life Well Lived
10 Classic Kids Films That Hold Hidden Wisdom For Adults
Shadow Psychology: What It Is and How To Apply It
The Paradox Of Our Age
A Primer on Native American Religion: It's History, Influence & Legacy
Mindfulness Apps Review: The Top 6 Performers For 2020
4 Reasons True Success Is Impossible Without True Self Love
Why We Should Love Our Enemies: Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Importance of Losing Enmity
The Kindness Virus: How Paying It Forward Works For Everyone
6 Quotes On The Darkness Within Each of Us, and Why It’s Wonderful
The Science of Self Control: 8 Things We Now Know About This Aspect of Higher Consciousness
10 Rules For Being Human
Getting Over the Guru Fix: Learning to Live a Leaderless Existence
Learning to Live Again: Becoming Free of Your Parents & Social Conditioning
Who Are The REAL Heroes of the World? (Hint: It’s Not Athletes or Actors)
An Expert on Personal Transformation Provides the “10 Rules of Change”
Nobody’s Perfect: The Human Side of 6 of History’s Most Beloved Figures
5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Practiced Transcendental Meditation
5 Ways Buddhists Deal With Anger
What Happens When You Put a Preschool in a Nursing Home? Lives Change.
All At Sea: Realizing Our Fundamental Unity Beneath Form
Getting Your Hands Dirty In The Garden of Consciousness: 8 Simple Habits To Help You Cultivate Joy
How You Can Use Buddha’s ‘The Middle Way’ To Achieve Success and Happiness In Your Life
What Does It Mean To Be An Encourager? It’s An “Everyday” Thing.
5 Famous Personalities Who Identify as Asexual
Time For a New Social Circle? If Your Friends Aren’t Willing to See You Change, It May Be.
Do You Know Why Your Dog Is Happier Than You? This Graphic Explains It Perfectly.
8 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Don’t Do
Why Vulnerability May Be The Only True Definition Of Strength
How You May Be Sabotaging Yourself When It Comes To Money
The One Thing You Can Do in Bringing Peace to the World
Is it Time to Forgive Your Parents? It’s Your Choice to Say “When”.
2 Essential Elements of Zen Philosophy That Are Easy To Adopt, and Can Make a Big Difference In Your Life
Simplifying Self-Improvement: 4 Steps to Correcting Common Self-Help Mistakes
Think You Have a Healthy Amount of Self Love? If You Do Any of The Following, You May Not.
"I Love": The Difference Between Love and Unconditional Love
How Meditation Dissolves Personality and What, Exactly, That Means…
The Alchemy of Anxiety: 4 Techniques For Transforming Nervous Energy Into Creative Gold
8 Habits to Cultivate Now That Will Ensure a Pleasant Future
This Passage From A Therapist’s Wall Has Apparently Saved Several Lives
Getting the Spark Back: How Writing Can Boost Your Productivity and Motivation.
Deep Listening: What It Is And How To Do It
9 Meditation Tips (or Substitutes) For People Who Can’t Sit Still
Mindfulness: Not Only a Catalyst For Inner Peace, But World Peace as Well
Are You “Time Poor”? The Emerging Epidemic of the New Millennium (and How To Take It Back).
Bouncy Castles & Road Maps: Failing and Being Enough
6 Ways The Modern World Manufactures Depression & Anxiety
A Core Secret of Happiness: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
8 Things Pueblo Native Americans Teach Their Children That We Could All Learn A Lot From
Why We Call It Spiritual PRACTICE
5 Ways To Tap Into Your Intuition
He Kept His Story Quiet For Five Decades. Then His Wife Found His Scrapbook In The Attic.
Women Display 2 Types of Confidence. Learning To Tell Them Apart Will Make All The Difference.
How to Instil Self-Confidence in Your Daughter: A Quick Checklist.
Embracing Your Dark Side: The Importance of Radical Self-Acceptance
Emotional Maturity Is Something Few People Have. Here Are 5 of the Most Common Signs.
If You Start Exhibiting This Behaviour, It’s A Sure Sign You’re “Waking Up”
What it Means To Truly “Let Go”, As Explained By A Talk Therapist
7 Ways A Devoted Yoga Practice Can Benefit Your Life
15 of the Most Beautiful Lines of Poetry
Psychic Vampires: 5 Different Types And How To Deal With Them
6 Reasons Your Meditation Practice Isn’t Working, and How To Take it to The Next Level
Something Extraordinary Is Happening in the World, And Most People Haven’t Noticed
Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity, Why Fear Is Boring, and Living a Satisfying Life
Thinking of Giving Up? Take A Look At This Infographic of Late Bloomers.
5 Daily Habits That Will Lead To A Better Tomorrow
What Matters Most In Education: Human Relationships
The Difference Between My Psychiatrist and My Shaman
How Contemplating Your Death, Everyday, Can Lead to an Amazing Life
Meditation Can Release Demons: Bouts of Anxiety and Depression Connected to Meditation
The Art of Letting Go: How Giving Up Everything Can Get You Everything
Crying: An Essential Gateway to Emotional Healing
Gandhi’s Secret Fight The Public Knew Little About
The Angle of Incidence: A Recovering Widower’s Reflections on Love, Life and Loss
Native American Tribes By Region:A Breathtakingly Expansive History
4 Life Lessons I Learned as a Jewish Teacher at an Islamic School
Overcoming The “Single Story”: 3 Inspiring Ted Talks From 3 Inspiring Women
From The Oracle of Delphi to The Sleeping Prophet: A Brief Primer on Channeling
8 Life Lessons I Learned After Dropping Everything & Pursuing My Dreams
Can Transcendental Meditation Improve More Than Just Your State of Mind?
20 Ramana Maharshi Quotes on the Nature of Reality
7 Keys to Higher Consciousness From Hawaiian Shamans
How to Get What You Really, Really Want: One of the Deepest Secrets of Zen
8 Reasons to Forgive Even the Unforgivable
5 Lessons You Learn After Surviving A Major Life Disaster
The Difference Between Soul Mates and Life Partners
5 Behaviours That Show You Are Reaching a Higher Level of Consciousness
14 Simple Reminders to Keep You in Health and Happiness

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