How Office Design Affects Your Productivity

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With all of the distractions and other factors that can affect your productivity, you may not have given any thought to how the design of your working space impacts your ability to get things done. 

With even minimal adjustments to your office design, however, you may be able to breathe new life into almost every area of your business due to the added improvements to your productivity.

Subtle elements such as the architecture, lighting and even the furniture that you use in your workspace can contribute to your overall effectiveness on the job. If your current office space doesn’t adequately address the productivity needs of your team, it may be worthwhile to look into leasing new office space.  

Your personal workspace: your desktop

No matter what other elements are involved, working in an environment that is unorganized and chaotic can make it a struggle to get through the work day.

A disorganized desktop can make it impossible to locate documents and other necessary items you frequently need. Even finding enough clear space available to work in can hinder your efficiency.

In order to figure out what is essential to your daily work, you’ll need to examine all of the items in your space and ask yourself how critical they are. Pare back to the absolute essentials and you’ll be sure to find a greater sense of peace.

Here are several ways to tame the chaos that has taken over your workspace: 

  • File away all of your documents into clearly identified folders
  • Position frequently used items nearby
  • Shred any document you no longer need
  • Label everything clearly so that you can easily find it later when you need it


Paying attention to ergonomics can help prevent health risks associated with injuries that result from poorly designed work spaces. Important things to keep in mind when designing for more ergonomic working environments are:

  • Ensure that your laptop or computer screen is positioned at the right height so your sitting posture doesn’t suffer.
  • Employ footrests any time your feet don’t naturally rest flat on the floor. 
  • Palm rests will help fight wrist fatigue when using a keyboard and a mouse for long periods. 

Your office design plan

Productivity can be impacted by office design as well, because it can reduce the time it takes to perform a task, or even to communicate with co-workers. 

One example of this is the open office plan that is currently very popular. While open offices make it easier for co-workers to communicate freely, productivity is negatively affected when it comes time for workers to focus completely on a single task. 

A well designed office space promotes the ability for workers to hold informal discussions and impromptu staff meetings and then transition smoothly back to individual tasks. 

To sum up, an effective design for offices would be determined by the amount of time and even the money that employees save as well as how streamlined the processes and workflow are. 

As long as your office design gives your employees the ability to work efficiently within the boundaries of time given to complete their tasks, then the resulting financial benefit alone may make it well worth your time to ensure your office design is as streamlined as possible. 


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