Why You Need A 3 Day Weekend, According To Science

Contrary to popular belief, shortening the workweek isn’t just for employees. A 3 day weekend can also benefit companies in many ways.

Have you ever felt that dragging, unfocused, exhausted feeling on the last day of the workweek? Of course you have. Anyone who has ever worked a full-time job knows that feeling all too well. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had one extra day? A 3 day workweek?

With technology advancing all the time, finding new ways to help us keep on top of our health, it might surprise you to learn that science has just now begun to realize something that most Americans have known their entire adult lives: We’re actually overworking ourselves.

Surprised? Probably not. That’s because you’ve likely been feeling the effects of mental, emotional, and even physical exhaustion building in your system for years. Taking care of ourselves means more than just the occasional workout and a good insurance plan.

The Data Is In… And So Is The 3 Day Weekend.

Science has recently begun studying the effects of our typical 40-hour (or more in many cases) full-time workweek. In a stunning revelation that the rest of us already knew, the data revealed that 40 hours of work in a single week is a major contributing factor to America’s chronic fatigue epidemic.

Interestingly, that fatigue does more than just make your Fridays drag on forever. It also gradually diminishes creativity, focus, motivation, ambition, and productivity. Over your whole week.

According to these new studies, reducing the workweek to 32 hours, creating the near-mythical 3 day weekend, can improve productivity so much that most workers can complete a larger amount of work, and at greater quality, in 32 hours than they can in 40. Mind blown yet? Yup:

Higher Productivity In Less Time Literally Represents The Definition of ‘Efficiency’

As if that weren’t enough benefit, the 3 day weekend has proven to:

  • increase team morale
  • decrease employee turnover
  • dramatically reduce the number of annual sick days taken by a given employee

This can allow you to prepare for retirement without worrying that by the time you manage to retire at all, you’ll have become far too burned out to actually enjoy it.

The data, and the experiences of the growing number of companies smart enough to have begun testing this policy, clearly show the benefits of the 3-day weekend for both companies and employees.

Show this infographic to your HR director and see if you can implement a trial run in your office, or your home-based business.

Why Every Weekend Should Be A 3 Day Weekend

Via: InvestmentZen.com