Japanese Artist Traps Star Systems In Tiny, “Space Glass” Pendants

A quick look at some of the incredible work of Japanese artist Satoshi Tomizu, who seems to trap star systems in tiny, "Space Glass" pendants.

Space. The final frontier… 

And with those words comes, of course, an epic Netflix Nerdgasm Marathon! And rightly so. There is arguably no idea that excites humankind more than that of space travel. From the time we came to realize just what the stars in the night sky were, we played with the notion that we may someday be able to make it there.

And, with all of the recent advances in technology, there is an actual chance (however remote it may be) that that dream may just become a reality within our lifetimes.

Until then however, we’re just going to have to stick with the visionaries. People like Satoshi Tomizu. Though he’s working in a medium entirely different than that of Gene Rodenbury or Carl Sagan (not to mention the likes of Elon Musk), he is no less enamoured with the idea of space.

This can plainly be seen in the mind-blowingly intricate and beautiful “space glass” baubles he turns out in his work. The 28 year old Japanese artist uses tiny opals in the center and flecks of gold scattered throughout to create entire star systems in spheres small enough to hold between your thumb and forefinger.

Each one is adorned with a loop on top, allowing you to wear it as a pendant or other type of jewelry. But don’t take our word for it! Have a look for yourself.  Also be sure to check out more of his work in this Facebook gallery and on his website.

Watch the master at work in this great video here:

Image credits: Satoshi Tomizu and lycheesoumu