Get Out of Depression: 5 Simple Steps.

I wrote these 5 steps, based on my own experiences, to help others get out of depression. Sometimes these simple things are all you need.

We grow up thinking that accomplishment means making money or doing something extravagant. This is what the culture tells us. Unless we’re making a lot of money — at whatever it is we do — we are not accomplished.

I remember I used to think I accomplished very little because I wrote short stories– never articles or books. I went to school and did my work but I didn’t achieve amazing grades. When I created a painting, it never really felt like a success to me because its chances of selling and making any money were slim to none.

Now, I realize that it’s the small things that make us accomplished. The simple things. Being human is tough– especially when the entire world persists in sending us overwhelming messages that we almost need to be a type of superhuman if we want to feel accomplished.

Well, it simply isn’t true.

Sometimes all it takes is the very basics to make us feel good about ourselves again. And if you’ve ever suffered from depression, you know that, when you’re low, even these things can be a challenge. Yet find the gumption to do them, and you’ll already be feeling better. Here are five things you can do every day that will help you feel successful and accomplished, even if they don’t make you rich.

1) Getting Out of Bed On Time, Almost

A daily struggle for everyone is getting out of bed when your alarm goes off. That annoying drone, even if it’s a beautiful melody, is a sound you dread every night when you lay your head down on your pillow. I know that when my alarm goes off in the morning, I’d rather groan and roll back over. I do that most mornings, to be honest. But if you managed to get out of bed on time, congratulations!

Even if you got out of bed ten, twenty minutes later than when your alarm went off, you achieved something. You still got out of bed; and that’s the main thing, even if it wasn’t exactly on time. Heck, even if you get out of bed four hours after your alarm, it’s still something. Congratulations, you so far have achieved more than I have this morning.

2) Eating At Least One Thing

Eating is a struggle for people from all walks of life. Whether you don’t have a lot of money, you’ve been buzzing with a busy schedule or you’re just not hungry for other reasons; try with all your might to at least get one meal into you. Even if it is just a few small bites of a mash of random food, it’s still something. If you can’t do that, at least eat one thing; an apple, a few slices of cheese, something.

Not eating is a very bad habit you can get into and if you’re already struggling with eating, sometimes just getting a spoonful of Cheerios into you is an accomplishment in itself.

3) Brush Your Teeth

One thing I’ve noticed a lot of people admit to forgetting to do is brushing their teeth. This is a very dangerous habit, though not quite as life-impacting as not eating, because the mouth is full of bacteria and prone to many diseases that can cause immense amounts of pain. Cavities, sores; your parents weren’t kidding when they told you about gingivitis. Neither were the commercials that you saw when you were little about taking care of your mouth.

Even if it’s all you do, brushing your teeth is still an accomplishment. An action you committed to, an act of self-care. Do it, it’ll make you feel a lot better.

Speaking of, I should probably go brush mine. Oops.

4) Shower!

I am notorious for not showering. I try to shower every day but some days I get so forgetful and lazy It’ll slip my mind. Some mornings I just don’t feel like it, either. So, trust me, you’re not alone when it comes to being too tired or too down to get showered. Even if you just turn on the water and let it wash over you, you succeeded! If you washed your hair with shampoo and conditioner, if you washed yourself with body wash, that’s further success. I haven’t showered yet this morning so you’re already a step ahead of me!

5) Read

Guess this means you’ve just done something successful already today. Reading this article was its own accomplishment for you! You took the time to dedicate your mind to reading something, processing the words, making sense of what was said. That’s not always an easy task!

If you wrote anything, painted, sketched, sang, called a friend or texted someone, if you did anything today that involves an act of self-care you are successful and accomplished. Appreciate yourself for the small things, don’t expect to always be doing something that goes far and beyond everyday tasks; you’ll end up developing expectations for yourself that you can’t always meet.

Even if you did none of these things, even if you just skimmed some of the words throughout the rest of the article, you were still successful. Just being alive on its own is a positive thing, you know. You are always accomplishing something, so never think of yourself as a failure. Take each day one day at a time and remember these five simple things when you start to feel like you’ve done nothing at all, and if you simply can’t do them, know that tomorrow is a new day to act!