Fantastic Infographic Displays The Many Benefits of Being Curious

Curiosity is a willing, a proud, an eager confession of ignorance. ~ S. Leonard Rubinstein Click To Tweet

We are living in interesting times. As our relationship with our technology continues to unfold we are being both subdued and stimulated, urged to both create and consume at an ever accelerating rate. Oftentimes, such as in the case of video games, the two go hand in hand– we spend hours being both subdued and stimulated at the same time. It is similar with the internet. Everywhere we turn we are being spurred forward in a manner unlike anything we’ve seen before in history. Where will it take us? What will happen next? Is it ultimately good, or detrimental? It is impossible to say.  

One thing is certain, however: that an integral part of the formula is a little something called curiosity. No matter the pursuit, whether intellectual, artistic or scientific, it is very difficult to make progress without the tremendous aid of curiosity. Breakthroughs in most fields are the result of passionate inquiry driven by insatiable curiosity. It is an innately human emotion. So, how curious are you? If you can’t answer clearly, chances are– not enough. It may just be time to get back on the imagination train and stir things up a little bit. To help you along, here is a fantastic infographic from Delvv that shows us the many benefits of being curious.

benefits of being curious infographic


Image: “curious-george-original“, from nist6dh on Flickr