The 5 Best Diet and Nutrition Apps Of 2017

Looking for the best diet and nutrition apps of the year? Save yourself time by reading our short-list of the best nutrition apps here.

These things are certain: you want to lose some weight, but not be burdened by demanding diets or be constantly hungry. You also want to enjoy what you eat. Nobody wants to quit what they’re doing in order to eat something that’s bland, unfulfilling and most likely uninspired in its creation. Who wants to pull themselves away from their phone in order to sit down to a plate of chopped cabbage?

The good news: you don’t have to pull yourself away from the phone or eat the cabbage. That’s the beauty of the age we’re living in: there are any number of internet forums and blogs where you can get support and a plethora of tips, all of them available with a mere touch or two — literally. 

Unfortunately, that’s also the problem with the age we’re living in. You could spend your rest of your life sorting through all the available information, trying to ween the good from the bad, the useful from the nonsense.

Luckily you found your way here. I’ve taken it upon myself to create a list of the best diet and nutrition apps for 2017. Consider this your short-list. 

1) My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach helps you win in those small moments of weakness, whether it’s reaching for a large piece of chocolate cake or helping yourself to another portion of the main course when you know you shouldn’t.

How? By changing your habits over time. This nutrition app creates an avatar which follows you over the course of your diet, offering you reminders — which you’ve customized yourself — in order to meet your needs, such as specific times in your daily schedule to drink a glass of water, eat a specific piece of fruit, etc. It includes images to keep you motivated

As you progress, you will get new virtual clothes which you can use for your avatar. It’s free, but there is also a paid version, where you can add food that you eat during the day.

2) Diet Assistant

In a rush, but still need to stick to that diet? Diet Assistant helps you narrow the endless search for food and meal combinations of adequate caloric value. It also panders to your personal goals and tastes, allowing you to choose between, for example, high protein or vegetarian meals, dishes for pasta lovers, etc.

The main menu consists of a number of meals, and every dish on it can be replaced with another that is offered. In addition to the menu, there’s a profile you can fill in with your data regarding height and weight. The application then creates a graph that so that you can clearly follow your progress.

Diet assistant is free, and quite simple to use, which is always a bonus. If you are travelling (outside of America) you can install ExpressVPN and thus enable yourself access wherever you are. 

3) My Fitness Pal

This nutrition app allows you to keep a ‘food diary’ with a very large database of thousands of products, with all of their different caloric values and macro-nutritional elements listed.

In your food diary, you can adjust how much weight you want to lose, and the system will propose how many daily calories you should consume in relation to your desires and lifestyle.

The site has a forum of support groups you can join with active discussion threads. The topics vary from losing a certain amount of weight in a month to support groups for beginners. The best feature, in my opinion, comes with the mobile app: a bar code reader that lets you scan products prior to their purchase, giving you a factory declaration with the whole nutrition-section. This sets it apart as one of the best diet and nutrition apps for 2017.

4) Fit Day

As with the other nutrition apps on this list, Fit Day lets you set goals, keep a diary, and track your progress with a number of different tools. While there may be a bit of a learning curve (depending on your level of tech familiarity) once you get it down this app is probably the most efficient on this list.  

It also records its own type of ‘big data’ by cross-referencing your diary with its other 6 million+ users (!) and providing feedback. (This is optional and you can set your privacy levels if you do decide to opt in).

Fit Day also offers the option for premium consultations (i.e. paid) with registered dieticians to keep you on track and help you hack your goals a little more quickly.

5) Lose It!

Lose It! differs from the other nutrition apps on this list in that it comes with pretty much all of their features and then some. You can scan products — or even simply take pictures of the food on your plate — to get its nutritional info, track and cross-reference your progress and data with others, and set meal and exercise plans. 

In addition, it boasts a “food database with 7 million+ foods, restaurant items and brands from around the world, hand curated by [their] on-staff nutrition experts.” You also receive tailored advice for everything from sleeping to training-scheduling to macro-nutrient intake. It even allows you to track the dimensions of critical parts of your body over time.

The bad news? The majority of these features only come with the paid plan. That being said, the paid plan is only $3.33 a month, which is less than one cup of coffee at most places these days.