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It’s a daily medication we highly recommend. Each post we offer is just that: a pill of wisdom, easily digestible, completely free of charge and possessing only long-term, enlightening side effects. There’s a ton of intelligent information out there, but what good is it without the wisdom to properly apply it? This is where we come in.

Browsing our site you will find everything from light-hearted listicles and quotes, to the latest in green and ethical tech, to advice from some of the finest and most fascinating minds, both ancient and modern. Whether we’re writing about Indigenous American philosophy or riffing on jokes from comedians like Betty White or Ellen Degeneres, the common core is one of insight — insight that is applicable to humans everywhere, no matter their beliefs (or lack thereof), background or position in society. We’re all in this thing together.

We’ve also devoted ourselves to collecting many of the most widely-circulated anecdotes and urban legends from the history of the internet — and prior to it — and sourcing them properly here, as well as dusting off a number of the wisest cross-cultural myths and giving them a voice once again. And yes, you can take part! We accept unsolicited submissions.

Ultimately, it’s all about waking up. And that’s what we’re doing here: offering you a choice.


Which will it be?


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Is that a weird thing to say? Well don't get too excited - we don't mean it literally. Hopefully you'll have an idea of what we mean by the time you're done reading this.

First off, our content is all original, written or curated by hard-working writers who know what they're talking about. And while we don't dabble much in the empirical, we do our best to ensure it's sound and up-to-date when we do. Mis-information and bad science are not part of what we do. 

Believe it or not, however, the bigger picture lies beyond all that. What do we mean? Well, allow us to self-identify right here as one of the first online media outlets brave enough to offer simply packaged, high-quality content based intuitively on a prescient worldview that transcends all the presently dominant paradigms. It's a far lean into the future, packaged for the everyday consumer.

Even still, as we guide you through many of these conceptual spaces that can be rightly named 'mystical', we do so with our journalistic integrity intact, bringing you only the finest gems for your consideration, and always striving to clarify the balance we can feel is there.  This means no over-arching dogma or indoctrination (scientific, religious or otherwise), combined with a willing vulnerability to openly reach a for flexible philosophical coherency as we grow.   

 We're not looking to prove anything to anyone, to 'state our case' or stake any philosophical ground. Rather, our main mission is to simplify. This is what all the wise men and women from history have done, without fail.  Real wisdom -- the kind that has the power to create lasting, meaningful change in our lives, along with the lives of others -- can often be quite complex. What we do is retain the pearls at the center while returning the hard shell to the sea. This is why we love the 'new journalism' so many others have been complaining about: there is no more perfect vehicle for what we've set out to do. Simple wisdom, integrated, is the future.

Essentially, we're all about the long term dissolution of limiting beliefs. Some of these are so deeply entrenched people go entire lifetimes without ever questioning their veracity, unaware that the humble home they feel they can't afford to repair is sitting on a goldmine.  And far too many of those who have found it end up misusing their energy by fighting against things, instead of aligning themselves with the solution, and moving forward in the spirit of play and camaraderie.

It's tricky. There really are no quick fixes, and people are forever 'slipping back'. Successful adaptation requires continual re-alignment, yet the dominant 'solution' we see being sold is one that simply adds more things we 'should' be doing to our already-stuffed task lists. Almost inevitably, these attempts end up going the way of dieting and new years resolutions: fizzling out before successfully making the transition into a permanent change in lifestyle.

The problem is that our time and focus are limited as it is,  and while continually forced action can result in permanently adopted lifestyle changes, it's rare. Far easier, then, to medicate, no? Especially if said meds are not only effective, but enjoyable, engaging and entertaining. And the biggest plus? Non-addictive! Yes, we are indeed a fledgling organization with every intention of scaling, but our 'end-game' is not an army of followers, rather, an ongoing graduation of lit-up individuals who lead by simply living a life that makes them happy, no longer requiring the particular 'fix' we offer.

'Isn't that a little self-defeating?'  Maybe. But hey, diversity is an infinite spring. Humans will forever be evolving, together, across a milieu of ages, races, backgrounds and affiliations, so we're pretty confident there's ample opportunity for our doors to remain well-oiled and revolving far into the future. 

Simply put, we are a solution-focused, positive, pro-earth, pro-human organization, and we understand that the best way to help is, of course, to balance our heads with our hearts, take risks, relax, laugh, and appreciate life and all of its 'drama' a little more; to replace negative thoughts with effective ones; to fare better in our relationships, foster our emotions, and, above all, to reconnect OURSLEVES with that genuine, solitary voice inside that knows what's best.  What that looks like, in the end, is none of our concern. Whether it's Lemmy Kilmister or Mother Theresa, it's all about whatever works best for you.

While our content indeed runs the gamut from 'deeply profound' to  'scoff out loud', if you stick around for a while, you'll surely get a sense of the undertones at play. What we're going for here is a feeling that can't really be put into words, but one that all of us know intimately once it's found -- a gut-level clarity that has to do with... magic, mystery, meaning and intuition. 

What we strive to do, daily, is land a post in your inbox that you look forward to opening. A post that just may have the power to change the entire tone of your day, and — very possibly — over a longer period of time, your life. It's as simple, and as awesome, as that.