7 Keys to Higher Consciousness Based on the Teachings of Hawaiian Shamen

A short run-down of Max Long's 7 Huna Principals, a meshing of teachings from Hawaiian Shamen and his own metaphysical theory.

The island of Hawaii has always been a magical place. Anyone who’s been there can tell you this. It has a rich, mystical history stemming from ages past that were replete beauty, mystery and magic.

On the Emerald Islands there were shamans known as Kahunas, who were said to experience the true nature of Reality, and whose life purpose it was to initiate their tribe members into this deeper space of ‘kowing’. 

While much myth has grown up around the legend of the Kahunas in modern day (and though there are said to be current practitioners, it is a point of contention) they did carve out 7 particular principles to be passed on to succeeding generations in the hopes of guiding humanity towards a more fully realized state of being.

In the early 20th century, with the rise of New Thought, there was an individual by the name of Max Long who linked the teachings of the Kahunas to a theory of metaphysics he was developing.

The result was the 7 Huna Principals, Long’s integration of the two:


The 7 Huna Principles


IKE ~ The world is what you think it is.

KALA ~ There are no limits.

MAKIA ~ Energy flows where attention goes.

MANA WA ~ Now is the moment of power.

ALOHA ~ To love is to be “happy with”.

MANA ~ All power comes from within.

PONO ~ Effectiveness is the measure of truth


1) IKE — The world is what you think it is.

This principle is essentially saying that our consciousness creates our reality. Our perception of reality is subjective and does not necessarily reflect the true objective reality– if such a reality should even exist.

If someone thinks the world is full of deception, evil, and hatred, they will only focus their awareness on such matters and slowly become blind to anything that may contradict this perception.

Each one of us has the inherent power to transform our reality in any way we see fit. This power has the ability to transform not only one’s self, but those around them as well.

2) KALA — There are no limits.

In an infinite reality, there is no beginning or end to anything, which signifies the limitless nature of all that is. Anything is possible and self-growth is likewise infinite. There is always a process of be-ing and become-ing underway.

With no limits, anything that is infinitely possible can happen, is happening, and will happen, in its infinite forms. This is a concept that is simply too magnificent to be truly held in its fullness by the human mind.

3) MAKIA — Energy flows where attention goes.

Where someone focuses their attention, that is where a directed energy stream will go.

Quite simply, the more one can reach and maintain a genuinely positive mindset, the more helpful, kind and respectful they’ll be to their fellow human beings.

This, is turn, will spread from there. The same is true of negativity. It all starts with the self.

4) MANA WA — Now is the moment of power.

The power of ‘now’ is monumental. Existing and living in the present moment does away with the stress of thinking about ‘what-if’ scenarios or reliving painful memories in an endless loop.

All that is, is, and always will be as such. There will be a continuous, complementary and comforting background ‘blanket’ of inner peace when someone learns to live in the ‘now’ moment more often than not, despite the natural ups and downs they will inevitably encounter as they continue to live life on this plane.

5) ALOHA — To love is to be ‘happy with’.

Unconditional love (as in, ‘not dependent on conditions’) is such a powerful state of consciousness. When this kind of love is experienced, it is a feeling of true appreciation and gratitude.

Whether for a person, place, state of being or situation, this deep experience of “happy with” is an simple feeling of interconnectedness with all that is, however it manifests itself.

6) MANA — All power comes from within.

The individual is one of the greatest ‘power plants’ in existence. The mind is more powerful than it is often given credit for; holding the ability to create, destroy, restore, shift and change both our subjective and objective realities, anything is truly possible.

Realizing the inner power that each individual has not only empowers that person to begin mastering their inner state of being, but also grants them the opportunity to share this power with others through example and create satisfying, symbiotic relationships.

7) PONO — Effectiveness is the measure of truth. 

How effective something is in creating a positive and beneficial shift or change in someone or something is a good indicator of the genuine nature of something. It will give a better reflection between truth and falsehood — or rather, between truth and the ignorance of truth.


The seven Huna principles are a great introduction to the power of consciousness and, if returned to regularly as reminders, let alone put into practice, may hold the power to transform your daily life into something far more empowering and positive on many levels.

There’s such tremendous potential for each of us to make a difference — not only in our own lives, but in the lives of every other person we know and meet.

The power is within you. Express it, with love.

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