10 Websites That Will Make You More Clever, Wise & Informed

We live in an age of information explosion. In all the clutter, who has time to find the real gems? Here are 10 websites that will make you more clever, wise & informed.

Ok, so lets start this off by stating that you are, most likely, already a clever, wise and informed person. Of course you are! You’re you.

Yet it never hurts to diversify your sources of personal and mental growth. Having well-rounded knowledge on the matters that interest you will only help deepen your understanding and skill level in the long run.

And what better place for that search than the seemingly infinite interwebs? Of course, one needs to be discerning when it comes to this. It is far too easy to succumb to any number of misleading undercurrents in this ocean of information.

So, for that reason, here are 10 unique websites (besides this one, of course) that will make you more clever, wise and informed.

1) Unplug the TV

No, that’s not your mom yelling from the other room, it’s the name of a website. UnplugTheTv.com is a website that offers a wide selection of educational and entertaining videos. It intends to combat the mindless flow of emotionless content on television by creating a website filled with high-quality videos that aim to broaden your horizons.

Sources such as PBS, TED and Khan Academy can all be found on Unplug the TV and are completely free of charge. The simple format allows one to switch videos with a single click or peruse through the vast archives.

2) How Stuff Works

Have you ever looked at a device and wondered how it works? No? Well, even so, it never hurts to learn. To help with this seemingly intimidating task is HowStuffWorks.com. As one can imagine, How Stuff Works is a website that covers a wide range of topics while breaking down how things work into easy and fun to read articles.

You’ll be surprised just how many answers the site has to your bizarre questions. From the common to the complex, there’s something here for everyone. There are even original videos, quizzes, games and podcasts to challenge your mind further.

3) TED-Ed

Are you a fan of Ted Talks but crunched for time? Ted-Ed is what you’re looking for. The website is for teachers and time-starved learners alike. The ten minute videos are an offshoot of the the well known TED brand but with a little twist.

Ted-Ed uses visual, engaging activities narrated by educators to help make a lasting impact on the viewer. There are even supplemental materials to go along with the information and test your knowledge.

4) Open Culture

Since 2006, Open Culture has been a leading source of free, cultural and educational content. For those with an appetite for curiosity, Open Culture will feed it will impressive material taken from high-quality sources all over the web.

If that’s not enough, the site offers free learning and entertainment with online sources from top universities, books, movies and more. For the Polyglots out here, Open Culture even offers free language lessons.

5) Zooniverse

While reading books and absorbing educational videos is certainly a good way to become wise and informed, sometimes it helps to be a little more hands on in the process.

That’s where Zooniverse comes in. Zooniverse is an online platform for the contribution and participation in various science projects. Become an important part of scientific findings by delving right into a range of activities that can be done from home. You don’t have to be an expert scientist to get involved either. Other fields like nature, humanities and biology are all available to explore.

6) Reddit

At first glance, the front page of Reddit.com may seem like Frankenstein’s pop-culture monster, but once you weed through the cat videos and recycled memes, some incredible material can be found. Reddit operates with different groups calls “sub-reddits”.

Anyone can make them and the right ones can be intelligent places to discuss a particular topic of interest. The smaller sub-reddits seem to be the best as the moderators can control the quality of content easily, thus keeping the discussion progressive and meaningful. It’s not unlikely to find experts in any given field wandering through the complex maze of Reddit’s corridors.

7) Free Rice

It turns out that you don’t need tight pants and superpowers in order to save the world, just a little intelligence. And you can do this through Free Rice, a nonprofit website that donates trains of rice for answering educational questions. You do have to answer them correctly though, so study up. 

Free Rice was created by the United Nations World Food Programme that fights (and aims to end) hunger in the process. For each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated, so think about that next time you’re bored.

8) The Free Mindfulness Project

Those that practice mindfulness say it’s the path to enlightenment. Whether that’s true or not is up for debate, but a little mediation never hurt anyone.

As the name implies, the Free Mindfulness Project is a free collection of resources that are available to download at one’s leisure. Various forms of self-guided exercises are available as well as an active online forum to share ideas with other like-minded zen gurus.

9) Cooking For Engineers

That braised pork belly may not seem like it will make you a more clever, wise and informed person but there’s quite a lot one can learn from the culinary arts. Cooking for Engineers attempts to bring one far beyond just recipes.

Not only is the site devoted to making the food taste as delicious as possible, founder Michael Chu offers his analytical take on the ingredients as well, combining the art of cooking with the science of it, teaching the importance of the ingredients and their cultural history. All of this results in a profound, full-spectrum appreciation of food preparation and consumption across the board.

10) Project Gutenberg

Reading is one of the best ways to cram a wide array of knowledge into your mind. That being said, it can get pricey buying new books every couple of weeks, and libraries offer only a temporary solution.

If only there was some kind of online library with a huge collection of free books that you can keep forever. Oh wait, there is! It’s name is Project Gutenberg and it gives you access to thousands of e-books for free. And yes, it’s completely legal.