Do You Know Why Your Dog Is Happier Than You? This Graphic Explains It Perfectly.

Dogs. There’s a reason they’re known as our best friends, and why so many of us treat them with the level of love and respect that we do, but can you put a finger on exactly what it is?

Probably not — we just feel happier when we’re around them. The level of joy they exhibit on a near continuous basis over the course of their short lives is infectious. There’s no other animal, it seems, that knows how to appreciate life more than dogs.

Not only this, but they handle many of the things we humans can’t with dignity and integrity, know what it means to love unconditionally, and live forever in the present moment.

And it’s this energy that rubs off on us. Our worries and grievances fall away for a little while, and we’re reminded of the beautiful simplicity of existence.

On that note, here’s a wonderful graphic from the website explaining exactly the difference between our dogs and us, along with a few simple tips on how we can bring ourselves closer to their humble state of being.

Do You Know Why Your Dog Is Happier Than You? This Graphic Explains It Perfectly. |

Tips for Living in The Moment

Train your mind to focus on the current activity.

Engage in, and feel what you are doing. Enjoy the process.

Learn relaxation techniques in order to be present in each moment.

Take notice of your surroundings – sights, sounds, smells, ambiance.

Listen attentively to the conversation of others, music, even silence.

Savor your food and drink. Taste each morsel.

Benefits of Living in The Moment

You become more connected with your thoughts and feelings.

Are more connected to others.

You feel more gratitude for, and enjoyment of life.

If you live in the moment, it won’t pass you by.

You feel more focused, peaceful and alive.

You feel less anxious and fearful.