This Ergonomics Infographic Will Show You How to Save Your Body in Under 5 Minutes

Not only do the design of our workplaces affect our happiness and productivity, they also affect our physical health. Any repetitive motion you perform can lead to extra stress on your muscles, and eventually cause you discomfort and pain.

So why do we sit hunched over at our desks all day long clicking away with one hand?

Unfortunately, this is the new normal for many office workers, and because of it, we are finding increased reports of wrist issues, back pain, and even carpal tunnel.

Proper posture or ergonomics can help solve and prevent all of these issues. Simply adjusting the height of your keyboard and mouse can make a world of difference later in life.

From GetVoIP, here’s a complete office ergonomics guide to help you sit comfortably, arrange your desk properly, and work more productively.