This Week’s GOOD NEWS From Around The World (November 19/16)

Animal Rescues

Blind Husky Saved by Adoption

A blind husky was found wandering the streets of San Bernardino County in California earlier this week. Isaac the husky was accompanied by a Chihuahua-terrier mix later named Isabella, who was apparently helping the blind dog find his way. Luckily, Isaac’s story has a happy ending as the dog and his Chihuahua companion were rescued by a couple, thus saving Isaac from being put down. (

Saddest Cat Smiles in Forever Home

After being dubbed “The Saddest Cat in the World,” an orange tabby named BenBen is showing everyone that he really can smile, after being rescued following a seemingly endless stint at the SPCA. Animal rescue workers say that BenBen was likely attacked by a larger mammal shortly before he was picked up, leading to his missing left ear. While SPCA workers assumed that the tomcat’s permanently sad face was due to excess skin, in Instagram photos of his new home the cat already looks visibly more cheerful. (

New Zealand Cows Rescued From Quake Ordeal

The ordeal of the three New Zealand cows has finally come to an end. The cows became trapped on a raised plateau of land following the Kaikoura, NZ earthquake on Monday morning. After 24 hours, the cows’ owner, Derrick Millton, was able to dig a track of land up to the plateau where the animals were standing, giving them a path to escape unharmed. (

CA Real-Estate Agent Pays Pet Adoption Fees

In Sacramento, California, a real-estate agent is doing her part to ensure that pets go to good homes rather than being put down at shelters. On Tuesday, Kim Pacini-Haunch told a local shelter that she would pay for all adoptions of dogs and cats through December 31st, allowing more families to take home new pets without the stress of the adoption cost. The day after the shelter posted Pacini-Haunch’s offer on Facebook, over 250 people were lined up to adopt pets. (

Environmental Good News

France Plans to Shun Coal by 2023

At the U.N.’s annual climate change meeting this year, French president Francoise Hollande announced that his country would shut down all its coal-based power plants by no later than 2023. Currently a world-leader in green energy, France joins a number of other European nations who are upholding the Paris agreement to reduce global warming – with, or without the help of the United States. (

Elon Musk’s Solar Roofs Are Cheaper and Better Than Regular Roofs

On Thursday, entrepreneur Elon Musk announced that he expected to be able to deliver solar roofing at a lower cost than current regular roofs. After initially unveiling the solar roofs, a collaboration with Tesla, Musk stated that the solar roofs would be cheaper than regular roofs only once energy savings were accounted for. If his claims turn out to be true, Musk’s solar roofs could revolutionize the housing industry. (

Scientists Unlock More Efficient Photosynthesis

Scientists have discovered a way to boost the efficiency of plant photosynthesis, a discovery which might, in the future, allow for much higher crop yields and reduced world hunger. By selecting for a set of proteins that reduced the downtime caused by a protective reaction during photosynthesis, researchers were able to increase photosynthesis efficiency by up to 20 percent in the three plant lines that were tested. (

Laws and Politics

Stockton Elects First Black Mayor

26-year-old Michael Tubbs has just been elected mayor of Stockton, California – making him the youngest person to be elected mayor of the city, as well as being the city’s first black mayor. Tubbs previously interned at the White House and was endorsed by Barack Obama during his mayoral campaign. The new mayor defeated his opponent, 40-year-old Anthony Silva, by a significant margin. (

Scotland May Make Food Security a Government Issue

Following a report by the Independent Working Group on Food Poverty, the government of Scotland is considering adding a “right to food” to its laws. Such a law would mean that the government of the country would be directly responsible for ensuring that all Scottish citizens had safe and reliable access to food.  While this proposed addition wouldn’t immediately end food insecurity, it would certainly alleviate pressure on many less-fortunate homes. (

Humanity at its Best

Grandmother Accidentally Invites Stranger to Thanksgiving — But Upholds Invitation

A grandmother in Mesa, Arizona showed some classic grandmotherly generosity by upholding an accidental thanksgiving invitation to a total stranger. 17-year-old Jamal Hinton received a text from the woman while he was in class at Desert Vista High School. Thought it was quickly established that the grandmother had the wrong number, she maintained that she would save a spot for Hinton at her thanksgiving table. (

Peggy Whitson Becomes Oldest Woman in Space

56-year-old Peggy Whitson has set a record by becoming the oldest woman in space. Whitson launched into space for the third time on Thursday at 3:20PM EST, from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Whitson is no stranger to setting records – in 2007 she became the first female astronaut to command the International Space Station. (