This Week’s GOOD NEWS From Around The World (Nov 5/16)

Nature and the Environment

Paris Climate Deal Becomes International Law

On November 4th, 2016, the Paris Climate Deal officially became international law. The U.N. treaty, which was introduced last December and was agreed by 195 countries, aims to keep the global temperature rise under 2C from the beginning of the industrial revolution. By making the deal law, countries will be required to tighten carbon emission restrictions which have fallen short of the goals. (Climate Change News)

Largest Super Moon in 70 Years to Appear on November 14

The night sky this November 14th will be lit up by the largest “supermoon” in 70 years. According to predictions, this supermoon will appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than the moon as seen under average conditions. According to NASA, those hoping to catch a glimpse of this impressive moon should look east just after sunset on Monday the 14th. (iNews)

Adidas Releases a Shoe Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

Adidas has released 7,000 pairs of shoes made from repurposed ocean waste. The shoes, designed in collaboration with environmental organization Parley for the Oceans, are made from 95 percent ocean plastic and will sell for about $220 a pair, in stores and online, this November. While these shoes are a limited edition, the company has stated plans to eventually make recycled plastic the mainstay of their manufacturing process. (Business Insider)


Selfless Youths

NH Schoolchildren Raise Money for Boy Who Lost His Mother

After a first-grade boy at Bath Village School in New Hampshire lost his mother to cancer, older students decided to do something to show they cared. The students in the fifth and sixth grades normally raise money to go on a trip to Boston each year – however, this year instead of going on the trip, the students donated all of the money they’d raised to the young boy who’d lost his mother. The money will be held in an account for the boy to help him prepare for his future. (

U.K. Boys Trick-Or-Treat for Food Bank Donations

Two young brothers from the U.K. decided that instead of collecting candy at Halloween this year, they’d go trick-or-treating for food bank donations. Connor and Lewis Tucker, eight and six years old respectively, used a wheelbarrow to gather non-perishable food items from the homes they visited. In total the boys collected 17 items that will go to the less-fortunate. (Mirror)

Julliard Students Meet WBC Protestors with Smiles and Song

A group of students at New York’s prestigious Julliard School met protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church with peaceful songs. On November 3rd, a small group of WBC protesters targeted Julliard for apparently teaching “proud sin.” The students and protesters were kept divided by police lines, and the event was later titled “God Loves Jazz” on social media. (PlayBill)

Good Deeds

Police Officers Saves Woman From Heart Attack

Blanchard, Oklahoma police officer Jordan Jones thought he was simply pulling over a truck for speeding. It turned out that the truck driver was heading for the hospital, his wife suffering a heart attack. Jones provided CPR and was able to resuscitate her, allowing Tina Costello to survive the severe attack. (

10-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gets to be Flower Girl

10-year-old Abby Furco of Virginia Beach, Virginia, made quite an impression on camp counsellor Sarah Rostock, 27. The pair met at a camp for kids with cancer. When Abby was given just 48 hours to live, Rostock dropped everything and rushed to be at her side, asking Furco to be the flower girl at her upcoming wedding. Thankfully, Furco pulled through the first 48 hours, and was able to do her flower girl duties after being declared cancer-free! (Inside Edition)

Bill Murray Gives Cubs Fan a Ticket to Game Six

Chicago Cubs fan Karen Michel thought she was out of luck when she was informed by the box office that tickets were sold out for game 6 of the World Series. To Michel’s surprise, she was offered a ticket instead by Bill Murray. The Indiana woman was able to enjoy the game from some of the best seating available. (Chicago Tribune)

Man Keeps Pact With Late Father; Watches Cubs Game at Grave 

Wayne Williams of North Carolina is a lifelong Cubs fan – something he picked up from his father. Wayne had promised his father that if the Cubs made it to the World Series, they’d watch the game together. Though Wayne’s dad died at the age of 53 in 1980, Wayne kept his promise this year and drove back to his father’s grave in Indiana to listen to the Cubs win the World Series at his side. (Sunny Skyz)

Hope for the World

Maori Take to Social Media to Show Support for Standing Rock

The Maori of New Zealand are standing with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, who have been involved in fierce protests against the construction of an oil pipeline that will likely pollute the tribe’s water supply and destroy their livelihood. In a Facebook group called “Haka with Standing Rock,” Maori people are posting videos of themselves performing Hakas (traditional Maori dances that function similarly to a battle cry) in support of the Sioux people. (Sunny Skyz)

Taiwan May Soon Become First Asian Country With Same-Sex Marriage

October 31st saw 80,000 people participate in the LGBT pride parade in Taipei, Taiwan. According to organizers, the atmosphere was a hopeful one, particularly in light of recent bill introduced by the nation’s Democratic Progressive Party which would remove gender specification from the country’s marriage laws, opening the law to include same-sex marriages. According to recent polls nearly 75 percent of Taiwanese people would support marriage equality. (Washington Post)