This Week’s GOOD NEWS From Around The World (Oct 29/16)

Adorable Animals

Bachelor Party Finds Homes for Eight Stray Dogs

A group of men enjoying an extended bachelor party in Tennessee got a visit from an unexpected guest earlier this month. The stray dog, which the party nicknamed Annie, turned out to be a new mother, nursing seven newborn puppies. Unable to leave the dogs to the elements, each member of the bachelor party adopted one of the puppies, with the groom’s grandparents adopting Annie. (Good News Network)

Rescue Dog Saves New Owner’s Life

An SPCA rescue dog saved the life of his new owner after she experienced a severe seizure. Eva Hachey of Fredericton, NB, adopted Bruno from the local SPCA and brought the dog home, where she lives with her granddaughter. When Hachey suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and passed out, Bruno woke up her granddaughter by barking and biting her fingers, allowing the younger woman to call for help in time to save her grandmother. (Atlantic CTV)

Environmental Good News

Antarctica’s Ross Sea to Become Nature Reserve

The E.U. as well as 24 independent countries have finally reached a consensus that will see Antarctica’s Ross Sea protected as the world’s largest marine nature reserve. While New Zealand and the United States have been pushing for the reserve for a number of years, other countries including China and Russia have been holding out, partly due to the area’s popularity with commercial fishermen. The move will protect several species of marine life including orcas and penguins. (NPR)

Inspiring Young Women

Teen Girl Switches From Cheerleader to Football Player

A 15-year-old girl is defying critics by becoming a part of the football team for which she was once a cheerleader. While Ashley Bocek of New York is only five-foot-one, she proved her abilities by passing a battery of physical fitness tests. Despite initial, vocal doubts from classmates, friends, and even family, Bocek is following her dreams and doing exactly what she wanted to do. (9 News)

Young Senegalese Girl is Challenging Beauty Industry Standards

A 19-year-old Senegalese woman who was previously bullied by classmates for her dark skin tone is now enjoying a successful career as a model, and a huge following on social media. Khoudia Diop moved from Senegal to France at the age of 15, and began doing modeling work at 17. She’s had to face a great deal more negativity than white models, but is fighting back and helping to change the often racist standards of the western beauty industry. (Metro UK)

People Helping People

Car Stolen in a Mix-Up is Returned

A Portland, Oregon woman’s car was stolen from her driveway on Tuesday while the woman was inside her home. Erin Hatzi and her husband called the police right away – but the car was returned by the thief less than 24 hours later. It turned out to be an unfortunate mix-up, with a case of interchangeable car keys. (Newsline)

Man Pays off Overdue Lunch Fees for Almost 100 Students

Jerry Fenton of Iowa paid off the overdue lunch fees of 89 students at Grimes Elementary School, as well as donating enough funds for the school to cover the lunch fees of all its students for the remainder of the year. Fenton, a motel manager, said in a Facebook post that he wanted to do something that he would be proud of. Though he’s faced some criticism regarding his lack of anonymity with the act, Fenton hopes that his donation will inspire others to do good deeds. (9 News)

Liver Transplant Donor and Recipient Become Husband and Wife

Back in February of 2015, 38-year-old Christopher Dempsey decided to go out of his way to help out a stranger by donating part of his liver. Dempsey found out he was a donor match for 27-year-old Heather Kreuger, and after meeting for lunch prior to the operation, the pair discovered they had a lot in common. After 19 months and a successful transplant, Dempsey and Kreuger became husband and wife. (Fox2Now)

NICU Nurse Crochets Superhero Capes for Preemies

A nurse in the NICU at Catawba Valley Medical Center in Hickory, North Carolina, has been busy spreading cheer for premature babies and their parents. Katie Windsor has been a nurse for 10 years, and when she’s not busy helping to feed and administer medications to the babies, she’s creating one-of-a-kind crocheted superhero capes featuring logos from the likes of Batman and Superman. According to Windsor, the capes are a way of making things a little easier for new parents who are forced to leave their babies under constant care at the hospital. (WBTV)

U.K. Toys ‘R’ Us Branches to Hold Autism-Friendly “Quiet Hours”

Several U.K. branches of Toys ‘R’ Us will be holding a “quiet hour” in stores this Sunday, November 6th. The quiet hour is designed to make shopping a comfortable experience for people with autism, and will feature dimmed lighting and a temporary ban on overhead announcements. The approach follows the wild success of similar “quiet hours” that were recently held at some locations of Asda, a large U.K. supermarket chain. (MentalFloss)

Homeless Man Saves Five-Year-Old From Burning Building

A homeless man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was the savior of a young girl and her pet cat during an apartment fire on October 23rd. Brian Dail, 36, was visiting his brother, who lived in the building, when they were forced to quickly leave after smelling smoke. After learning from other bystanders that there was still a child trapped in one of the upper suites, Dail ran into the burning apartment twice, saving the life of a 5-year-old girl. (Kenosha News)

Hotel Laundry Staff Return Girl’s Beloved Stuffed Toy

7-year-old Kiana Rundell was distraught after losing her stuffed toy elephant at the hotel where she and her parents were staying during a trip to Adelaide, Australia. Luckily, the kindness of the hotel’s laundry workers saw the elephant returned safe and sound by express post – but not before staff took a series of fun photos of the toy enjoying a vacation of its own. (Mobile ABC)