This Week’s GOOD NEWS From Around The World (Oct 22/16)

Communities and Government

Scotland to Adopt Finland’s “Baby Boxes”  Aid Program

Dating back to the 1930’s, every baby born in Finland has received a state-funded “baby box.” The box is full of necessities including clothing, sheets and a thermometer, and the box itself can even be used as a makeshift crib. On New Year’s 2017, Scotland will also be adopting this “baby box” program – taking a cue from Finland’s infant mortality rates, which are currently the lowest in the world. (Sunny Skyz)

Thousands of Gay and Bisexual Men Posthumously Pardoned

An amendment to the current Policing and Crime bill in the U.K. will posthumously pardon thousands of gay and bisexual men who were accused of so-called “indecency crimes” due to their sexual preferences. The new amendment will be called the Alan Turing Law, in honor of the famous WWII Engima codebreaker, who was also gay. Turing’s family had delivered a petition asking for these pardons in 2015. (The Independent)

Rent-to-Own Homes for Homeless in Detroit

In Detroit, a nonprofit organization called Cass Community Services is launching a project to build an entire neighborhood of tiny homes that the city’s homeless will be able to rent-to-own. The 25 projected homes will range in square-footage from 250 to about 400, just enough space to comfortably house one or two people. A total of 7 homes are expected to be fully built by the end of 2016. (Business Insider)

Illinois Town Comes Together to Help Dying Farmer

When Illinois farmer Carl Bates realized he could no longer harvest his crops after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, the people of his town stepped up to help. It took 40 volunteers about 10 hours to harvest Bates’ entire crop – much faster than the man would have been able to manage on his own, even in optimal health. (Indy 100)

People Helping People

Black Cosplayer Instills Confidence in Young Batman Fan

Georgia cosplayer Charles Conley is all-too familiar with the prejudiced backlash that is often faced by black cosplayers dressed as characters who are portrayed as a white in mainstream western media. Conley recently attended Dragon Con dressed as batman, where he met a young African-American boy who was also dressed as Batman. After sharing a high-five, Conley also assured the boy that he “could be any superhero [he] want[ed] to be”, and not to let anyone tell him otherwise. (9News)

Fan Helps Swimmer Avoid Serious Illness

Australian Olympic swimmer Mackenzie Horton’s life may have been saved by a fan with an eagle eye. The swimmer’s team doctor reportedly received an email from a concerned fan who had noticed a mole on Horton’s chest that looked like it might be malignant. This week the swimmer posted an Instagram photo indicating that he’d had the mole removed, and thanking the fan for their foresight. (Today)

Teen Boy and His Mother Help Feed Less-Fortunate Classmates

When 14-year-old Dylan Duran noticed that one of his classmates was subsisting off of a single fruit cup every day at lunch, he decided to do something about it. For two months, Dylan’s mother Josette has been packing Dylan two lunches each day, at the boy’s request. After Duran refused an offer of money from the other boy’s grateful mother, the volleyball team that Duran coaches raised $400 – which Duran used to pay off outstanding cafeteria fees for other students at her son’s school. (Huff Post)

Police Officer Revives Toddler

Officer Chase Miller was on patrol in his squad car when he heard a 911 call from a frightened father. The man and his 3-year-old son were at KFC when the boy suffered a seizure and stopped breathing. Footage captured by the officer’s dashboard camera shows Miller performing chest compressions on the toddler until the boy finally started breathing again, to the obvious relief of his father and onlookers. (CNN)

Swedish Woman Gives Nigerian Scam Artists a Second Chance

62-year-old Maria Grette of Sweden thought she’d once again found love after a rough divorce – sadly, the 52-year-old Danish man who’d been courting her online turned out to be a 24-year-old Nigerian scam artist. Though Grette was initially heartbroken, after the scam was revealed she began wondering how she could make a difference for the young men who were forced to turn to internet scams to make a living. Ever since, Grette has been working hard with the people of Nigeria to encourage and fund arts programs and help young people find success in legitimate areas. (BBC)

Heart-Warming Animals

Meet Daniel, the PTSD Therapy Duck

Proving that not only dogs can provide companion services, Daniel the Therapy Duck is allowing Wisconsin resident Carla Fitzgerald to lead a normal life after a severe accident left her with PTSD. According to Fitzgerald, Daniel goes everywhere with her – even on airplanes – and can always tell when she’s about to have an attack of PTSD. (SunnySkyz)

Dog On The Mend After 27 Days in a Well

A Saskatchewan dog was rescued after spending a shocking 27 days trapped in a well. Bruno the Labrador retriever went missing on September 17th, 2016, after owner John, a farmer, went to work in his fields. After realizing that Bruno was missing, John and his wife Cindy scoured their property but were unable to find Bruno until October 14th, when John and Cindy’s son climbed into the well and used ropes to hoist Bruno out. (CBC)