This Week’s GOOD NEWS From Around The World (July 18/16)

The Good Side of Pokemon Go

Children’s Hospital Uses Game To Light Up Patients’ Lives

The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is harnessing the immense popularity of Pokémon Go to boost morale amongst its patients. With several Poké stops and a gym placed within the hospital walls, young patients have an exciting new reason to get out of their rooms get some exercise, meeting new friends along the way. (Good News Network)

Homeless Dogs Get Some Love — For Free

An animal shelter in Indiana is also capitalizing on the game – to attract volunteers to walk its many homeless dogs. The dogs are dubbed “Poké dogs” or simply Pokémon dogs by the Muncie Animal Shelter. Interested volunteers are invited to go to the shelter and ask for a dog to walk with. The shelter has already seen dozens of volunteers show up to help its many dogs get much-needed exercise and fresh air, while the walkers get to catch some rare pokemon. (Good News Network)

Environmental Good News

California Shatters Solar Power Generation Record

This month, the state of California broke a solar energy record when its several solar power plants produced 8,030 megawatts of energy – enough to power over 6 million homes across the state. During a heat wave on July 12, 2016, the solar panels combined to shatter the previous energy record, set in May when the state’s solar panels generated enough power to meet just over 50 percent of demand. (HuffPost)

Sloths, Too, Get Some Much Deserved Love

Primate conservationist and photographer Sam Trull has compiled numerous photos of baby sloths into a book, entitled Slothlove. Trull has spent a number of years documenting the trials and tribulations of young rescued sloths at an animal refuge in Costa Rica. The photographer hopes that releasing the book will help to dispel misinformation about sloths, leading to more effective conservation efforts in the future. (National Geographic)

Adorable Animals

Nova Scotian Whale Comes To Humans For Help

Three men in Digby, Nova Scotia were recently the saviors of a trapped whale. According to Barry O’Neil, the whale appeared near the Digby waterfront, swimming with a length of fishing net tangled around its nose and mouth. O’Neil and two other men — who had also been working on the dock — came to the whale’s aid with a jackknife and freed the creature. O’Neil says he is convinced that the whale swam to the waterfront seeking help, and was calm and relaxed as a kitten as they worked to rescue it. (LocalXNews)

Rescued Pit Bull, Cherry Garcia, Couldn’t Be More Well-Adjusted 10 Years In

Check out this heartwarming video of a three-legged rescue pit bull cuddling with some kittens. The dog, named Cherry Garcia, was rescued ten years ago from a notorious dog fighting operation and has spent the last decade in rehabilitation. The pit bull now lives with Paul and Melissa Fiaccone, who say that the dog’s favorite hobby is playing and snuggling with the couple’s two family cats. (Inside Edition)

Restoring Your Faith in Humanity

Enterprise Proves They Have a Small-Town Heart

Coty Vincent, a mother of twins who recently found herself renting a car due to a hit-and-run accident, was touched by the small but kind action of an Enterprise rental employee. Enterprise worker John Goodlett offered to hold one of Vincent’s twin boys during the woman’s appointment. With a pair of small twins and no double stroller, the gesture meant a lot to Vincent. After the mother’s post went viral, things took a special turn when Enterprise purchased a double stroller for her. (HuffPost)

2 Kids Raise Over $10 000 For Fallen Police Officers — With a Lemonade Stand

Two girls, aged 11 and 12, raised over $10,000 for fallen police officers in Dallas. Following the shootings in Texas the girls decided to open a lemonade stand to raise money for the Assist the Officer Foundation, a charity that helps the families of fallen police officers. With an original goal of $100, the girls were pleasantly shocked when the news of their stand spread through social media and donors began arriving in droves. (FabAcres)

Devoted Minimum Wage Worker Gets His Efforts Back, In the Form of a New Car

There are few people who can claim to work harder than 25-year-old Kyle Bigler. For three years, the man walked 16 miles per day to his two minimum-wage jobs, often working shifts of up to 20 hours at each. Bigler has a speech impediment and a learning disability, meaning it has been difficult for him to find work. After Joanna Griffiths noticed Kyle’s hardworking routine and posted about it on Facebook, the local car dealership, Autoserv Tilton, decided to give Kyle the gift of a new car. (SunnySkyz)

Work Place? How About ‘Fun Place’? 

Justin Haney, a construction worker on a site across from a children’s hospital, decided that he could do his job and help children at the same time. Haney built a life-sized cutout of Waldo and has been hiding it somewhere in the construction site in a real-life game of Where’s Waldo. When enough of the children at the hospital in South Bend, Indiana, have found Waldo, Haney relocates the cutout, beginning the hunt anew. (SunnySkyz)