The Amazing Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

Near the Himalayas? Thirsty for some salt? Count yourself lucky.

Mined a few hours from the Himalayas in the Punjab Region of Pakistan, Himalayan Pink Salt is available in abundance and is the perfect solution to your body’s mineral needs.

Sourced from ancient sea beds in the Khewra Salt Mine, this pinkish rock is extremely versatile and can be used in cooking as well as in alternative medicine as a bathing agent.

It Doesn’t Get Much More Pure Than This…

The Amazing Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt | wisdompills.comThe allure of Himalayan Pink Salt as a consumable sodium comes from the fact that, unlike regular table salt which is highly processed to eliminate additional substances, Himalayan salt can contain up to 84 minerals in total, giving your body an extra boost with every bite.

The renowned rock salt is relatively high in iron, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, chloride and  potassium, and contains traces of fluoride, boron, iodine, selenium, zinc, and copper.

Sodium is an essential part of the human diet, controlling muscle contractions, nerve transmissions and heart functions. It also has the function of regulating blood volume and pressure. Important stuff.

But not only can you benefit from eating Himalayan Pink Salt, you can also do so by sitting in it.

Nature’s Equalizer

The Amazing Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt | wisdompills.comHippocrates, the great father of modern medicine, encouraged his fellow healers to immerse their patients in salty sea water, treating everything from aching muscles to arthritis. Today, Himalayan Pink Salt follows in those ancient footsteps and can be very effective as a detoxifying solution.

Soaking brines are purported to detoxify the body via osmosis. Try it yourself. The understanding is that the sodium binds water molecules to the outer layer of your skin, keeping all moisture preserved inside. Your skin absorbs the healthy minerals from the salt into your body as toxins are released. 

It’s recommended to keep the solution as close as possible to normal body temperature, at approximately 97 degrees Fahrenheit. To mix, add 2.2 lbs of Himalayan salt to every 26 to 32 gallons of water. Bring a book,  soak and enjoy!

The Windup

So, what’ll it be? Highly processed table salt riddled with additives to prevent clumping, or natural, unrefined ocean salt formed 250 million years ago and sitting, waiting for the taking in geologic pockets deep in the earth? Sprinkle some on and soak up. Himalayan Pink Salt does have some amazing benefits.

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