14 Simple Reminders to Keep You in Health and Happiness

Sometimes we overthink everything. It's not good for us. Here are 14 simple reminders that will help you stop the habit and increase your happiness...

Here are 14 simple reminders to keep you in health and happiness:

1. Stop putting yourself last.

2. Be grateful for one thing every day.

3. Be optimistic. Forgive when you can.

4. Expect and accept uncertainty.

5. See things from different perspectives.

6. Be committed to change for the better.

7. Meditate. Retreat. Reflect.

8. Look for beauty and inspiration in others.

9. Eat mostly plant-based foods.

10. Drink Plenty of water everyday.

11. Get 8 hours of sleep most nights.

12. Exercise. Walk. Smile. Laugh.

13. Go outside and breathe deeply, often.

14. Whatever is good for your heart and soul, do that everyday.

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