10 Deceivingly Simple “To Do’s” With The Power To Shake You Awake

Most people would dismiss these 10 "To Do's" as simple platitudes, barely giving them a second glance. But we dare you to sit with them a little longer...

As we have cited before, simplicity is often the key to truly integrating wisdom into our lives. Some of the deepest truths are also some of the simplest.

And, as we are in the habit of doing here, we’ve collected another short list of just such gems.

Yet one more meme with no known author, many of us have likely run across these 10, one-sentence points in one social media feed or another, but the question is: how quickly did we dismiss them? Did we even read them, or just get the general gist and keep on scrolling?

Things like these are everywhere, and while the busy, world-weary cynic in us easily dismisses them as platitudes, it does nothing to negate their intrinsic potency.

Take a moment when you can and sit with this list of extremely down-to-earth, almost blunt statements. Try to remember who you were as a kid. Then, reference each point against your own life — through the choices you’ve made that have gotten you to where you are now — and then reference them against what’s happening currently in your life.

…what do you find?


  1. Trust your instincts. If it feels wrong, don’t do it.

  2. Say exactly what you mean.

  3. Don’t be a people pleaser.

  4. Never speak badly about yourself.

  5. Never give up on your dreams.

  6. Don’t be afraid to say NO.

  7. Don’t be afraid to say YES.

  8. Be kind to yourself.

  9. Let go of what you can’t control.

  10. Stay away from drama and negativity as much as possible.