So, What’s a “Wisdom Pill”?

It’s a daily medication we highly recommend. Each post we offer is just that: a pill of wisdom, easily digestible, completely free of charge and possessing only long-term, enlightening side effects. There’s a ton of intelligent information out there, but what good is it without the wisdom to properly apply it? This is where we come in.

Browsing our site you will find everything from light-hearted listicles and quotes, to the latest in green and ethical tech, to advice from some of the finest and most fascinating minds, both ancient and modern. Whether we’re writing about the newest lifestyle accessories for your home or fitness routine, or tickling your curiosity with the exotic customs or delicious recipes from little-known indigenous tribes, we’re here to provide you with quality information that will enrich both your outlook and your experience of living.

We’ve also devoted ourselves to collecting many of the most widely-circulated anecdotes and urban legends from the history of the internet — and prior to it — and sourcing them properly here, as well as dusting off a number of the wisest cross-cultural myths and giving them a voice once again. And yes, you can take part! We accept unsolicited submissions.

Why Us?

Because we’re legit.

Our content is all original, written or curated by hard-working writers who know what they’re talking about. Mis-information and bad science is not part of what we do. ‘Mysticism’ has gotten a bad rap over the years, and there are a number of sites out there that are not helping the case. That’s not us. We do our very best to treat our topics with the journalistic integrity they deserve, bringing you only the best gems worthy of your consideration.   

We’re relaxed.

You won’t find any dogma or indoctrination here, folks. Quite the opposite, actually. Our content is compassionate, uplifting and invigorating. We are a solution-focused, positive, pro-earth organization, and we understand that the best way to help is, of course, to help one another; to open our minds (along with learning the proper time to close them), take risks, relax, laugh, and appreciate life and all of its ‘drama’ a little more; to put healthy things in our bodies; to replace negative thoughts with effective ones; to fare better in our relationships, and to simply enjoy being human more! 

We’re easy.

While we do get pretty in-depth from time to time (some topics simply demand it) our main mission is to simplify. This is what all the wise men and women from history have done, without fail. Real wisdom — the kind that has the power to truly deepen your experience of life, along with the lives of others — can often be quite complex. What we do is retain the pearls at the center while returning the hard shell to the sea. This is why we love the ‘new journalism’ so many others have been complaining about: there is no more perfect vehicle for what we’ve set out to do. Simple wisdom is the future.

Ultimately, it’s all about waking up. And that’s what we’re doing here: offering you a choice.

Which will it be?