Sleep Schedules of 27 of History’s Most Creative Minds

Well, it turns out that some of history’s most creative geniuses actually weren’t as eccentric as previously thought. At least when it comes to their sleeping schedules, anyway. The popular idea of the tortured creative genius slaving away all night and basically giving no thought to their sleep hygiene in general could be somewhat of a myth, it appears. 

According to this infographic by New York based on Mason Currey’s ‘Daily Rituals: How Artists Work‘, a handful of the most brilliant minds the human race has ever produced actually got a good, solid average of 8hrs sleep or more daily. And at night, too. (Apart from Balzac, that is, but with a name like that, you know he must’ve been crazy.)  

Take a look for yourself. How do your sleep habits measure up? (Click the image for a closer look. And then click again. ;))

Sleep Schedules of 27 of History's Most Creative Minds

The Sleeping Habits Of Geniuses | New York Mag

Photo credit: When Genius Slept | NY Mag via

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