Let’s Get Naked! A Pro-Nudity Post.

Last evening I was trying on a shirt in the changing room of an up market fashion store thinking, “Does it cover my tummy? Is my butt protruding? Does this outfit make me look slim?”

Normal thoughts for me when I shop for clothes because, somehow, I am never satisfied with the way I look. This set me thinking – I’m so bothered about covering up or camouflaging parts of my body that I feel are not perfect – what if there were no clothes – would I still feel this way?

Hmm, interesting thought!

Why Do We Wear Clothes?

To look good? I know for a fact that I look much better with clothes than without. Yeaw! Who wants to see sagging flesh, unsightly shapes and maybe discolored skin? Not I.

Do animals feel this way? Do they envy their peers who are slimmer, better endowed, stronger or more muscular? Not that I know of.

I feel that animals don’t bother about their looks because they live in the skin they are born with. There is no question of comparison or brands. There is no question of covering up this or that part, enhancing their assets through push up bras or covering up free flowing flab with Spandex.

Would nudity free us from the gigantic burden of trying to look good and /or sexy? A fantasy world where what you had was what you showed? How simple life would be!

Well, imagine getting ready to go to work – I mean you comb your hair, put on some make up, sling on your rucksack and off you go. You don’t have to worry about wearing something suitable or whether you are repeating your clothes too often, or even if they are currently in fashion.

A lot of unnecessary clutter in our mind would be cleared if we just did away with clothes, not to mention the liberating effect it would have on our budget and time.

Of course, going beyond the obvious, one could think of various other reasons for wearing clothes — protection against the forces of nature being one of them.

Clothes protect us from the vagaries of our untamed environment like the wind, cold, rain and heat. One can just imagine the amount of sunscreen thay would need to cover up a body like mine – phew! There goes all my savings from going clothes free…

When Did We Start Wearing Clothes?

A slightly more than cursory look at the history of clothes tells us that humankind has been wearing them for time immemorial. Though many of us of course think of the mythical Adam and Eve as being the harbingers of fabric fashion, clothes of some sort have been around for over 100,000 years.

What started off with a few strategically placed leaves or some animal skin has now become a multi-billion dollar business. Every person in the world wears some sort of clothing — even remote tribes usually have a cover up mechanism or two.

Of course, what they cover and leave exposed depends nearly completely on the customs of the culture at hand. 

Depending on which country you are in, you will expose your arms and legs, midriff, thighs, breasts or eyes. What may seem scandalous in one country may be ‘oh so ordinary’ in others. It all depends on what one has been culturally brought up to believe is the done thing.

There still exist tribes in Africa and South America that go totally nude and a few others who go topless all the time. However, in most developed and developing nations it is considered a taboo to go nude and flaunt your wares.

And why, may I ask, is this the case?

Will nudity lead to proliferation of crime?

Will men go on a raping spree driven to unbridled lust when they see all the perky breasts and bouncing butts parading around in the buff?

And what about the women? Will they find themselves making out with every hot Tom, Dick and Harry (pun intended) after laying eyes on all the hard abs and broad shoulders?

Highly unlikely, is my guess.


Because a prolonged absence of clothing would greatly decrease the fetishism of the human body. Most of us are so conditioned to view nudity as taboo, that when we encounter it, we avert our eyes and our faces go red.

And the majority of clothes, in fact, are designed (and chosen by consumers) to enhance and accentuate the good bits and camouflage the not so good ones. 

But it’s those very things that we keep in the dark, i.e. beneath clothing, that lend themselves to hyper-sensitization in the mind.

Everyone knows, simply through experience, that the more you’re exposed to — or expose — something, the quicker the novelty wears off. We would get pretty used to all the different body shapes, sizes and ages quite quickly were we all to shed our makeshift skins tomorrow.

Think about it.

What would it be like to have a board meeting with everyone present totally nude? Would you look at the presentation or at the person making it? And… which part of the person would you look at?

We all know the answer to this — at first, of course. But after a time, because there’s nothing being hidden anymore — or exposed just enough to be ‘enticing’ — things would become pretty normal, the task at hand would become much clearer, and everyone would become much more focused.

In other words, productivity would increase.

Don’t believe me? Here’s an article about a company that actually did it — that went naked for a month — and the results they garnered speak for themselves.

Ban The Blouse & Burn The Trouser

So. What would the long-term effects of ‘letting it all hang out’ be?

More self-acceptance?

More acceptance of others?

Less competition, more co-operation?

Would men and women find themselves finally closer to the seemingly impossible dream of equality? 

There’s no way of knowing, of course, because the data just doesn’t exist yet. But it’s a safe bet, if you follow it through in your imagination, that certain things would be sure to occur: judgement would decrease; contentment, both with ourselves and others, would increase; contrary to our over-fertile imagination and deep fears, people would probably not be any more prone to lusting after others — at least no more than they do now, in a clothes-wearing community. 

But would we stop caring? Would nudity lead to letting go of the dream of getting in better shape?

I certainly don’t think so. If anything, since it would be all we have, we might even work harder to take care of those bodies, since our easy quick-fix of camouflage is out the window.

One thing’s for sure — vitamin D sales would definitely decrease!

But, What About The Weather? (And Other Uncomfortable Situations?)

Ok, so we’re back to the main caveat: rain, snow, intense heat, and all of the other concerns.

While going nude inside our temperature-controlled environments would be fine, we don’t live in a temperature-controlled world.

And nude beaches? There are a lot of nooks and crannies for those tiny little grains of sand to get up in.

And what about public transport? Rubbing up against each other during rush hour; a stranger peeling their naked back from the now ‘available’ seat, covered in sweat — or worse? Ugh.

So yeah, the whole thing is a nice thought, but at this point in history, open skin is not the answer methinks. Not everywhere, anyway. There are just too many of us, and our societies have been designed around, and for, clothes.

But, if you’re still itching to tear those threads off after reading this, there are places you can go that are both appropriate and safe: saunas; at home (depending on how and who you live with, of course) and the aforementioned nude beaches resorts (if you can learn the secret of sand-free-ass-cracks, that is). Any place away from the peering and aghast eyes of your still-clothed neighbors will do.

What’s important to remember here is that the main benefit of going nude is it reminds us that it’s what’s on the inside that truly makes a person, not the outside.

And it does so by simply exposing us to this universal truth and allowing us to experience it. Even a day or two of collective nudity would surely prove it.

You have doubts? Go ahead, then. Give it a shot.