Mexican Artists Transform Neighbourhood Into One Giant, Mind-Blowing Mural

“We have painted 209 houses. Every colour represents the soul of the neighbourhood. It has been a community effort as each household has participated in some way,” ~ ‘MYBE’, head of the artist group ‘Germ Collective’

Nobody ever said Mexicans don’t know how to party. While they are one of the poorest countries in the world, they are also the happiest. This interesting juxtaposition has been most recently demonstrated by a mind-blowing art project in which the hillside town of Las Palmitas has been transformed into one giant mural.

A total of 209 houses were painted in beautiful pastel colours to create a massive, abstract sea-breeze mural. The government funded project, put in the hands of a group of artists known as the Germ Collective, is an attempt to instil a sense of liveliness and raise the spirits of the local residents, many of whom were enlisted to help. Over 20,000 litres of paint were used in the transformation.

Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can divine the larger piece at play. The last picture, though a low resolution, has been tweaked to clearly reveal it.

mexico mural 5

mexico mural

Photograph: Sofia Jaramillo/AP

mexico mural 3

Irving Trejo, a member of The Germ Collective, hard at work. Photograph: Sofia Jaramillo/AP

mexico 6

mexico mural 2

Enrique Gomez, who goes by the name of MYBE. Photograph: Sofia Jaramillo/AP

mexico mural 4

Photograph: Sofia Jaramillo/AP

mexico mural 7