4 Reasons Right-Brainers Rule The Future

Some of the most successful people in history were college dropouts. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs dropped out. Tom Hanks, Tiger Woods, Ellen, even Oprah — all drop outs. The list goes on, and it only seems to grow the closer we get to present day.

The number of under-30 millionaire and even billionaire entrepreneurs has gone through the roof in the last decade, and a good number of them didn’t have the gumption to stick it out in school. This is often a trait of highly creative people. The rigidity of the system is simply too constrictive and stifling for their busy, ‘outside of the box’ type minds.

Yet even up to the last few years, those who’ve experienced success outside the walls of academia have still had a tendency to be particularly left-brained– people that are good with numbers, algorithms and systems. This is why the new breed of billionaire is more ‘geek’ than anything else. 

If the trends continue, however, the rein of the geek is most likely going to give way to a whole new paradigm — the autonomy of the artist. Yes, we may just be entering an age when those traditionally ‘starving’ artist types will become both plump and prolific. Here are 4 reasons right-brainers rule the future.

1) Technology

Where was the screen you’re currently staring at two decades ago? It was a giant clunker of a thing with a black background and a green block of a blinking cursor, functioning as barely more than a glorified typewriter. Phones were still physically attached to walls, for the most part, and if you wanted to find something out you went to the library or bookstore.

Fast forward twenty years and people are printing 3D objects in their homes. Someone with no business background whatsoever can learn how to start their own simply by googling it.

Animators, musicians and writers now have access to software that provides them complete creative control over their products, from start to finish, and even the infrastructure for selling those items is right at their fingertips. You can even create your own website now without knowing how to code.

In short, the line between idea and reality has blurred significantly, and people with a passion for creativity (right-brainers) have more of a chance of transmuting what’s in their imaginations into reality than ever before.

2) Story

If there’s one thing the internet has made even more clear to us, it’s our inherent love of story. Blogs, Vlogs and TedTalks are taking over, and it’s because people feel an inherent need to connect, know about and empathize with others. Or, on the other side of the coin, ridicule, condemn and vilify.

Either way, “story” is more powerful than ever, and it doesn’t take a genius to discern that all artists — no matter the medium — are storytellers at heart. Every song you love, every painting, every music video, every movie — at its heart is a story, and that’s what people connect with.

3) Risk

Right-brainers are known for their penchant for taking risks. As the business landscape changes and the explosion of possibilities continues to expand outward, the stakes are inevitably raised. Just as it is ever more possible to bring your ideas into reality, so too is it possible for everyone else to do the same, making the competition that much more fierce.

If you don’t possess the faith it takes to really put yourself out there and embrace uncertainty, being uncompromising in your vision and your will to live life on your own terms — something ‘starving artists’ know all about — you are sure to suffer the opposite fate: letting your dreams dwindle in the obscurity of ‘security’.

4) Quality

Following on the last point, as the world continues to become inundated with an almost endless variety of choices in every field, price points will inevitably be lowered, leaving the final determining factor being quality. And quality is something that right-brainers are simply hard-wired for.

Left-brain thinking, which is rational, pragmatic and detail-based is, of course, fully capable of producing excellence, but very often not as an end in itself, which is the underlying reason right-brainers create anything at all.

Like a 3-year-old drawing a picture simply for the joy of it, when right-brainers create they take pleasure in the act of creation itself, with very little to no attention being focused on what there is to gain from it. Thus, quality is infused in the product itself. And really, who doesn’t want quality products in this day and age?

For more reading in this vein, take a look at Daniel H. Pink’s A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future