Unplugging From the Matrix: How to Dissolve Cultural Boundaries and Re-uinte With Yourself and Others

There is one truth that nobody can debate, and that is that we physically die at some point in the near future, relative to the life spans of everything else in the universe. However, it seems that many forget this fact of life and dedicate great amounts of time and energy towards icons, personalities, and ideas that are unconnected to their own day-to-day lives, and do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

The intense (and sometimes violent) passion that sports fans experience as well as the immersion of oneself into the “sleazy” world of celebrities are some ways in which cultures and societies divert our thoughts away from things in life that matter the most. Things which directly affect us and make lasting impressions upon our being. By creating illusory focus points for the masses to lock their awareness into, culture — driven in large part by those who have enough power to dictate or influence it — becomes a hindrance to one’s own personal self-growth and self-actualization.

Think about the massive quantities of time that people spend on the things that have no direct connection to their lives… all that time that could’ve been dedicated to something a bit more constructive or positive in their actual, experiential existence.

Our culture is an artificially-created box in which we are bombarded by an endless number of things built only to entice us into giving away massive amounts of our consciousness to trivialities which not only fail to help us, but hinder us. Terrence McKenna mused on the same idea, which is that humanity seems to be imprisoned by its cultural programming. This programming is so intense and so strong that it has become the most overriding factor of our lives. Yet, in the end, it has nothing to do with waking reality. It’s function, instead, is to color our perspective of that reality, creating an illusory world of unconsciously implanted values and judgements. Culture does indeed appear to be a mass hallucination.

Only by complete boundary dissolution can we revert to a more pure form of experiential existence, where the focus becomes again the growth of one’s self and the growth of others. “Boundary dissolution” refers to the deconstruction of boundaries that have been created by humans, and which have existed as long as the ego has influenced humanity.

The purpose of boundary dissolution is to do away with these falsehoods– falsehoods that separate humanity rather than unite it. Societal boundaries and other boundaries based on the selfish nature of the ego can be said to be the cause of many of society’s ills and problems.

With a good system come good results, and the results and outcomes of boundary dissolution indeed are many. You can try for yourself: Instead of giving into the aspects of the culture that are unhelpful in shifting your consciousness to a higher level, hold the idea of oneness within your mind and immerse yourself in things that unite, rather than divide.

By doing away with the constructs that separate you from others — creating hostility, hatred and animosity along the way — you are letting go of the fear that hinders you from taking actions more in alignment with the idea of unity, and you will be freed from the overbearing grip of the ego. When you dissolve the boundaries that divide and separate you from others, you will have the ability to transform your world into one of serenity, tranquility, and peace. Oneness will not be just a philosophical or utopian concept but a reality that will be experienced by yourself, and eventually, the totality of the human race.

We must always have hope that this will become a reality because the future is yet to be determined. The possibilities are endless.